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Stealing The Diamond

Stealing The Diamond is a multi-platform game. The main goal of the game Stealing The Diamond is for our beloved character to steal the Tunisian Diamond, which has just come to town and is now being exhibited at Stickville Museum. Since diamonds are not only women’s best friend, Stickman will try to steal it using a series of gadgets and strategies. Stealing The Diamond works as an interactive movie, where the player will choose from a variety of actions and objects to get inside the museum, deal with cops and other situations to finally get to the precious diamond. Each mission requires a specific set of decisions to be taken. After the player selects which are the next steps, Stealing The Diamond shows a fun animation of the scene’s upshot. In case of success, the user is presented to the next challenge otherwise, Henry Stickmin will suffer the consequences of the gamer bad choice.
For every failure, the player will have the options to go back to the last choice, step back to the beginning of the phase, or restart the game. Stealing The Diamond is a very amusing game, ideal for short gameplays, for example when you are waiting at the line or while your boss is not looking. Moreover, each challenge can be solved not only in one, but in different ways, so the game can be completed in several different manners. Bust in the museum, for example, can be managed by exploding the walls, undetected, or epically. Stealing The Diamond is a fun puzzle game for all ages, many hours of fun guaranteed, at your PC or smartphone.

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